Our advanced production includes more than 100 units of the latest Italian knitting machines of the “MATEC SILVER” and “LONATI” brand, which:

  • knits products by elastic, culinary, press, plated weaving;
  • performs embroidery patterns, jacquard two-colored and 3-dimensional patterns using 3D and LGL techniques.

Forming equipment of the “TECHNOPEA” – leading Italian manufacturer, which adjusts all parameters (steam pressure, drying temperature, etc.) in accordance with the type of workpiece.

With the support of experienced Turkish supervisors and technologists, there were created the most effective opportunities for using these equipment and applied innovative knitting technologies.


In our production we use the best raw materials from Turkmenistan. The products are made from high quality cotton grown in sunny Central Asia. 

The products have increased strength, thermoregulation and antibacterial protection, does not cause allergic reactions. Socks fits and supports the foot, without interfering with the circulation of blood.

Natural ecological fiber in its 90% consisting of high quality pure cotton – hygienic, tear-resistant, comfortable material. It passes air well, absorbs moisture well and has heat-insulating properties.

Cotton products are hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch.